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In 2015, I had a BIG brain tumor, the doctors said it was as Big as a small Appelzine. But when the should remove it, ofcoz something did go wrong, it started bleeding... So I woke up... Couldent speak, move or even talk! It was terrible. I could hear everything... But not answer... :( Since then its been almost 3 years in hard rehab, I Just started to get some inspiration again.. Thanks to Abelton 10, so I had ofcoz my PC laptop, which I could watch movies on.. 

Now the next unlucky thing happened, my to best mates, should watch my gear... But ofcoz they misplaced it in the wrong celler room number... so EVERYTHING was moved to the dumpsite... :( So now for the third time, I have to start all over.. All I have now, is this laptop and shit earphones, a shit mouse, no room for storage.. (No SSD drives) so I work hard to learn abelton.. But its like sitting with my right hand tied to my back.. :( But give me 4-6 months then im back for sure....

Jesper Tenka (DJ Espark)

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